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WATCH this MOVIE and the One Before It! BET We need CLIMATE HOPE so we can make THE SHIFT

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what we need now is HOPE re global warming -Viva President OBAMA-! OBAMANOS! ” lets go w/ Obama”

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President OBAMA STOP KXL dont give in to Republicans -( who must be run by Out of control Monster Capitalism) VS the Rest of Us Including all Children/ UNLESS WE START STOPPING globalwarming/climatechange/and a world run for Rich people’s Profit-and endtime propaganda- Well, then first we’ll have to stop shopping…WE are going to STOP SHOPPING unless the US STARTS STOPPING GLOBALWARMING (inspite of loss of profit for the Wealthiest of the 1% / endangering World JUST for China to get HOLD OF the LAST OF THIS CONTINENTS OIL, meanwhile China is making sure it has enough Renewable energy to with stand Peak Oil/ +End of Oil, Anyway. OBAMA -FOR the PEOPLE: SAY NO TO KXLPIPELINE, (the children of Super Rich and maybe the Chinese people, wont want to have wiped out all these cultures and diversity of the Earth /with “bring it on” unchecked Global Warming :STOP KXL PIPELINE

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WORLD NEEDS HOPE.peace agenda/ we need to start stopping globalwarming.Obama needs to help us, now. AMen stop KXL pipeline . save the children.

• February 1, 2014 • 1 Comment