at-a-cross-roads-for-humaniry-on-mother-earth PRAYER SMOKE  +  unspoken prayers + the deep wish through all the world  that there will be a way out of  this replaying  Hitlers  Germany, etc.

   THE RT WING CHRISTIANS AND THE REST OF US  JOIN  IN Positive  ENVISIONING  +Prayers to save  our planet… green energy clean energy etc..   stop as much as possible Global Warming, EVEN if  U THINK U DONT believe it

no  NEED FOR KILLING PEOPLE NO more war  GOV. BASED ON KINDNESS  and FAIRNESS/ GOODNESS    forget worrying about the richest people’s  continued  increasing income…!!!

you might rapture  but RICH FOLKS and their CHILDREN   WILL JUST  INHERIT THE EARTH


~ by bstvns on January 26, 2017.

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