BEST  IF WE DO! (surely better than if the rest of the world has to step in  – maybe even  nobody gets hurt! Christians wake up +help terrible-photo

IS THIS IT ?    THE SUPER RICH TAKE OVER AMERICA/ TAKE DEMOCRACY AWAY FROM ALL OF US / FAIL TO WORK WITH WITH REST OF THE WORLD TO STOP GLOBAL WARMING maybe even Try TO SHOOT IT OUT WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD is  THIS how you right wing Christians want it to be ?    HEY BUT MAYBE THOSE  super RICH GUYS  really blew it showing their hand… we could have gone on for years not really noticing their plans to reduce the world population   GETTING ON WITH  the plan “THE RICH INHERIT  THE EARTH ” (global warming raging ..wiping all  colorful people out.)  WHAT ABOUT A REALLY BIG PEACEFUL SCIENCE/STOP CLIMATE CHANGE MARCH….?


~ by bstvns on February 4, 2017.

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