MARCH 8 -Native American TIPI village at the Washington Monument ..JOIN THEM MARCH 10th! 

Earliest New World Earth Goddess   vs. Trump/ ETC


 so,  My Family and  Friends +Everyone/ even if you are Republican + live in a Different World than we do..btw. WE Democrats  want  our kids, your kids  and well everyone’s kids  really (where would you draw the line to  be fair good even God -like”) WE wish that  the Kids   NOT JUST THE SUPPER SELFISH RICH peoples Kids)  can  have a  future/  grow up happy  + can have a child or 2  themselves /  Dont you hope and pray kids can  live good and happy on Earth ..( not with selfish Trumpites  the new Rep policies )      SEE U IN DC Native American  MARCH 10th!


~ by bstvns on February 14, 2017.

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