when do we get happier?

topnpiece   work inprogressGetting High might cure what ails us …or help us create with thought and prayer a way  out  of what ails  our lives / all our earth  – if a lot of people really think positively (  which is also  like prayer)   SO! Good Wishes for all!

Cannabis seems to be a really valuable plant medicine in use through the ages… it  has been hidden from lots of the western world  +has been  bad mouthed for ages by vested interest since its a great  plant “medicine” that can grow in the garden / no need costly processing enhanced  by the merging of the 2 strains.. (I have favorite names for them … Indica – Icall it  Light of God/ a plant Medicine to see the Light inside and  and above us within us /as though  it is Light as bright as the SUN.—Indica  grew where all the Religions began.

….. While  Sativa …grew naturally   where they discovered the concept of zero… High open minds to see  the real reality of things… Seeing Like it IS  as in the Truth…  These 2 were mixed  together  and may be able to change everything  – especially if we were joined with pure  Christians with or without plant Medicine  Christians ( +other religions of course!) we are wanting  for a better world that would not be run by Corporate Interest almost entirely like it is now.

( Thanks go out  to the smart   ’60/70/s Hippies  from the west coast of America +Help from Amsterdam~ mixing these 2 gifts from GOD + Earth – (however you see it best)


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